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Welcome to Hooks Home Bound rescue Volunteer Help Site! On this site you will find everything you need to assist Our Staff in every effort of volunteering! 

In our life time we are given a choice, A choice that most of us do not understand we have full control of! 

Life is simple, Do we love those around us and save a life or do we disregard all concepts for eternal Happiness? 

Join us as we continue to save 1 life at a time by reaching out to those that are disregarded and abused! 

Lets take a moment of our Life-time to Slow Down and Move Over for all those heros on our roadway and those lives that are looking for hope in us!

Blaze Thall_ Founder


Sees Candies 2016 event

Event Dates
11-8-2016 to Dec 20, 2016
Online 11-23-2016 to 11-30-2016
Due Date for all order form 12-1-2016
Delivery of chocolate to begin 12-15-2016

Adoption Fees

Dogs over 1 1/2 year old

dogs under 1 1/2 years old

Cats over 1 year

Cats under 1 year

Adoption Discount Programs

Tow Truck Drivers

Military-all dogs

Military- all cats

Paws Walk with Hooks


Low cost Spay and Neuter services avail to the public

MicroChip Assistance

Low Cost Shots/ Micro Chip Services-

Areas Currently

San Diego

Coachella Valley

Transport Services

Fifty Cents a mile 

Special Fee waiver by Founder

Social media:

Main rescue information:

Paws Walk with Hooks


rescue missions